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Our customers are so happy that we have made the process so easy for them. Our free and easy car credit application takes less than one minute to fill out and we give you answers FAST! We know that it is hard when you don’t have a reliable car, or when you don’t have a car at all! We can help you change that by providing you with an auto loan that has a competitive interest rate and payments that you can afford. You may not even need to put any money down! We won’t know until you fill out the free credit application. One of our representatives will call you shortly to let you know exactly what you qualify for. The days of filling out timely paper applications is gone! Find out what you qualify for today. Call us at 800.955.6430 to get the process started.

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Bad Credit Car Loans, Why Choose Car Loans On Demand?

Actually, our name says it all. Car Loans On Demand was created for consumers in Chicago, Joliet and Oak Lawn with bad credit who are tired of searching for an auto loan and coming up empty handed, or having to wait 3 to 4 days for an answer on their auto loan application.  On Demand means two things:

1. You need a car and you want it fast and you want it now.

2. You are “demanding” an outcome.  Meaning you want an answer on your auto loan application today.

We totally understand your frustration with auto loan sites that are loaded with rhetoric and false promises, but short on real world results. The biggest problem we have found is that most bad credit auto loan sites in Chicago are designed to do only one thing; get you to fill out an application so that they can sell your information to dealers or to affiliates who may not have the slightest interest in getting you a loan. These sites are actually more interested in selling you their bad credit services like debt consolidation, or bankruptcy advice or credit repair when all you are interested in is getting a car loan.  Auto dealerships who specialize in bad credit actually pay a fee to be part of Car Loans On Demand.  That means our Chicago dealers are very motivated to do one thing and that’s get you into a car today.

Don’t waste time filling out auto application after application. Just take 1 minute out for our approval process and see what a difference Car Loans on Demand can make.  Get approved now.

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