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Free and Easy Car Credit Application!

Our customers are so happy that we have made the process so easy for them. Our free and easy car credit application takes less than one minute to fill out and we give you answers FAST! We know that it is hard when you don’t have a reliable car, or when you don’t have a car at all! We can help you change that by providing you with an auto loan that has a competitive interest rate and payments that you can afford. You may not even need to put any money down! We won’t know until you fill out the free credit application. One of our representatives will call you shortly to let you know exactly what you qualify for. The days of filling out timely paper applications is gone! Find out what you qualify for today. Call us at 800.955.6430 to get the process started.

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How do I get financed for a car loan with bad credit? How does this work?

  1. The first step requires that you fill out a simple form, giving us the proper information to get you financed for a  Chicago car loan. Once that process is complete, there are a few final questions that we ask on the phone or in person for security reasons. Lenders prefer that we do it this way as it helps them approve your auto loan quicker and easier.
  2. The next and most important step is connecting you with a dealership in our Chicago and Joliet network that understands how to work with bad or challenged credit. This is where we excel, as our network is stronger than any of our competitors.
  3. The final step is visiting one of our quality dealerships! You come to the dealer with all of the necessary paperwork, your best down payment, and ready to pick up your new vehicle!

Getting a car loan with bad credit doesn’t need to be difficult. It doesn’t have to be embarrassing, and it doesn’t mean getting a car that you have to be ashamed to show up to work with. Our dealers and lenders will treat you with respect and are more than willing to work with you no matter what your situation may be.  We even have a Guaranteed Auto Approval Program that you may qualify for if you earn at least $600.00 per week in net pay. Get started today and start driving tonight. Car Loans on Demand is here to help!

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